Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you offer a limited selection of PCs?

We focus on curating the most current and high-quality PCs, ensuring every model offers the latest technology and performance. By refining our selection, we guarantee that you're choosing from PCs that are new, modern, and regularly updated. Quality and relevance over quantity is our promise to you.

Can I customize my order?

Yes! We pride ourselves on building PCs that meet our customers' specific needs. Contact us to discuss your custom build.

What is the warranty period?

All our PCs come with a 5-year warranty, covering parts and labor.

What can I expect in terms of shipping and handling

We offer next-day shipping with DPD Local for all orders. Your PC will be securely packaged within a reinforced box, cushioned with ample packaging materials.

Are WiseGuys Gaming PCs suitable for non-gaming tasks?

Absolutely, our gaming PCs are versatile, perfect for any task from gaming to professional work, homework, and school projects. Their high-performance components ensure smooth operation for any application.

Can I upgrade in the future?

You absolutely can, if you don't feel comfortable installing the parts yourself you can get in touch with us and our expert technicians will install the parts for you.